Indiana Department of Transportation allocates $14M for Indianapolis downtown improvements

Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has set aside $14 million to fund significant improvements in Indianapolis’ downtown area. This capital injection will primarily be used for street resurfacing as well as curb and sidewalk refurbishment.

These improvements specifically target areas that experienced increased vehicular traffic during the construction period of the North Split project. The commencement of these upgrade works is slated for the upcoming summer, and the process is anticipated to continue through the construction season of 2024.

For the year 2023, the following areas will be targeted for refurbishments:

  • St. Clair Street from the area just west of the railroad tracks to Davidson Street
  • Michigan Street from the eastern side of Pine Street to the western side of Davidson Street
  • New York Street from the eastern side of Pine Street to the western side of Davidson Street
  • Davidson Street from Saint Clair Street to Massachusetts Avenue
  • 10th Street from Central Avenue to Jefferson Street
  • 11th Street from Central Avenue to College Avenue
  • Central Avenue from Fort Wayne Avenue to 16th Street
  • Central Avenue at I-65 for curb sidewalks

For 2024, upgrades are scheduled for:

  • College Avenue from the southern edge of 12th Street to the Monon loop turn off
  • West Street from 11th Street to Morris Street
  • Washington Street from East Street to Southeastern Avenue
  • Dorman Street from Saint Clair Street to 10th Street
  • Alabama Street from Saint Clair Street to 16th Street
  • 11th Street from Meridian Street to Delaware Street
  • Rural Street at Washington Street for curb and signal

The North Split, after nearly two years of closure, has recently resumed operation. This significant $350 million project entailed replacing over 40 bridges, repaving deteriorating roads, and removing dangerous traffic weaving patterns.

INDOT also says that the North Split project will yield improved conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians by expanding sidewalks, introducing new lighting, and planting thousands of trees.

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