Indiana continues its lucky streak with new Powerball winners

Indianapolis, Indiana – Two residents of Indiana are about to experience significant changes in their financial status.

Ahead of Saturday’s Powerball drawing, two tickets sold in different locations in Indiana were declared winners, as per the information from a Hoosier Lottery press release.

A fortunate individual who purchased a ticket at a convenience store located at 5106 N Michigan Rd in Indianapolis has won a substantial $2 million. Another winner, securing a ticket from Luke 273 at 7277 Taft St. in Merrillville, is set to claim $50,000. These winnings, while massive in their own right, still did not snatch the colossal Powerball jackpot, which remains unclaimed.

Unclaimed Powerball Jackpot Soars

Saturday’s Powerball numbers were revealed as 19-30-37-44-46, with a Powerball number of 22. No ticket holders hit the jackpot this time, propelling the jackpot to an estimated whopping $1.04 billion, making it the fourth-largest in the history of the game. This staggering amount is now set to be the target ahead of Monday’s drawing, sparking excitement and anticipation among participants.

Hoosier Lottery officials have taken the moment to advise all Powerball winners to safeguard their tickets diligently. They are encouraged to consider consulting with financial advisors to navigate through the newfound wealth strategically and responsibly. To claim their prizes, winners should reach out to the Hoosier Lottery customer service at 1-800-955-6886.

Indiana holds a noteworthy record in the Powerball game, boasting the most jackpot wins among all participating states—a remarkable total of 39. Furthermore, the Hoosier State is significant in the history of the game, being home to the very first Powerball winner in 1992, solidifying its legacy in the annals of lottery history.

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