Governor Holcomb signs bill affecting pet sales across Indiana

Indiana – Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed three critical bills into law on Monday, one of which marks the culmination of years of effort aimed at regulating the pet sales industry within the state. This move not only sets new care standards for dog breeders and pet stores but also revokes 21 local ordinances that previously restricted pet sales.

Transforming Pet Sales and Care in Indiana

The spotlight of Monday’s legislative action was House Enrolled Act 1412, a law years in the making that seeks to ensure the welfare of pets sold within Indiana. Governor Holcomb highlighted the collaborative effort behind the bill, which was designed to address concerns regarding the sale and breeding of dogs in the state. “HB 1412 puts in place protections and provides needed transparency concerning the sale of dogs in Indiana,” Holcomb stated. Under this new law, pet stores, breeding facilities, and animal rescue operations are mandated to register with the Indiana State Board of Animal Health. Additionally, pet stores will be required to maintain detailed records for each dog purchased, a step forward in promoting responsible breeding practices and enhancing animal care and safety across communities.

Senator Blake Doriot, the bill’s chamber sponsor, praised the measure for establishing what he described as some of the “strictest standards in the country” for retail stores and breeders. These entities are now required to register with the State Board of Animal Health and adhere to the Canine Care Certified Program developed by Purdue University.

Despite these advancements, the bill has faced criticism for undermining local governance and allegedly favoring controversial breeding operations, commonly referred to as puppy mills, over the interests of overcrowded animal shelters. Critics also pointed out the absence of state funding to support necessary inspections.

In the past, local governments had enacted ordinances to prevent pet stores from selling puppies sourced from breeding mills, aiming to curtail the operations of such establishments. The passage of House Enrolled Act 1412, however, with a final House vote of 53-34, signals a significant shift in the state’s approach to regulating the pet sales industry.

In addition to this pivotal pet sales bill, Governor Holcomb signed two other pieces of legislation into law. House Enrolled Act 1058 aims to provide more comprehensive health care guidance for individuals with dense breast tissue, while House Enrolled Act 1034 extends insurance coverage for property transferred posthumously, further illustrating the breadth of legislative efforts undertaken by the state to address a variety of critical issues.

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