Indiana State Police arrest Indianapolis man on attempted murder charges

Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indiana State Police have arrested an Indianapolis man, Achery Nailon, 42, on charges of attempted murder following a violent altercation that occurred while driving on U.S. 31. The incident, reported by a female victim, sheds light on a harrowing encounter that escalated to gunfire.

On January 24th, as the woman navigated U.S. 31 with Nailon as her sole passenger, the situation took a perilous turn. According to the victim’s account, Nailon’s aggression manifested physically and then escalated as he brandished a handgun, ultimately discharging a bullet through the vehicle’s roof. This alarming behavior led the woman to report the incident to the Indiana State Police’s Indianapolis post on February 6th.

The investigation, pinpointing the altercation’s location in Miami County on U.S. 31, enabled detectives to gather enough evidence to seek an arrest warrant. Nailon faced charges of attempted murder among other serious allegations reflecting the gravity of his actions.

The arrest unfolded on a Wednesday when Nailon, spotted by detectives and SWAT members preparing to execute the warrant, departed from a residence in Indianapolis. A high-risk traffic stop executed at 21st Street and Mitthoefer Road facilitated his capture without further incident.

Nailon’s subsequent detention in the Marion County Jail, pending extradition to Miami County, marks the beginning of legal proceedings against him. He faces preliminary charges including attempted murder, kidnapping, criminal confinement, pointing a firearm, domestic battery, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, and a probation violation warrant from St. Joseph County. This case underscores the swift response and investigative efforts of law enforcement in addressing violent crimes and ensuring public safety.

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