Twoo teenagers arrested in Indianapolis armed robbery spree

Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) has made significant progress in solving a series of robberies that have troubled the city. An 18-year-old and a 16-year-old have been arrested, suspected of a string of armed robberies across various locations.

The breakthrough came on February 1st when officers responded to a robbery call on the 4300 block of South Emerson Avenue. Their quick action led to the location of the suspects’ vehicle, which was a critical lead in the investigation. A subsequent search at the 18-year-old’s residence unearthed multiple pieces of evidence linking the duo to the crimes.

The detectives have pieced together evidence that implicates the teenagers in at least seven robberies across Indianapolis, spanning from December 22, 2023, to February 1, 2024. The locations targeted include several gas stations and a Mexican grocery store, marking a spree that has put the community on edge. The sites of these robberies include:

  • 2705 Bloyd Avenue (Shell Gas Station) on December 22, 2023
  • 2801 Massachusetts Avenue (Valero Gas Station) on December 28, 2023
  • 6279 W. 38th Street (GetGo BP Gas Station) on January 13, 2024
  • Again at 2705 Bloyd Avenue (Shell Gas Station) on January 13, 2024
  • 2845 E. Michigan Street (La Campos 3) on January 19, 2024
  • 1035 S. Keystone Avenue (Carnicera Mexican Grocery Store) on January 29, 2024
  • 4317 S. Emerson Avenue (Marathon Gas Station) on February 1, 2024

Charged with felony armed robbery among other accusations, the teenagers await the final decision from the prosecutor’s office. The IMPD encourages anyone with additional information on these robberies to come forward and contact the IMPD Robbery Office or Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana, providing crucial support in furthering the investigation. This arrest marks a significant step towards restoring safety and security in the Indianapolis community.

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