Indy shooting suspects arrested after year-long investigation

Indianapolis, Indiana – In an alarming incident on Indy’s near east side, a woman was ruthlessly attacked and shot multiple times after what appeared to be a dispute over money. The investigation, which spanned over a year, recently culminated in the arrest and charging of three suspects connected to the heinous crime.

The ordeal began in June 2022. After making a purchase at a gas station on E. 10th Street, the victim found herself ambushed and forcibly taken into a vehicle. “We’re thankful the victim survived. It’s very possible she would not, given the extent of her injuries,” commented IMPD Lt. Shane Foley. The woman was subjected to a terrifying drive during which she was assaulted before being abandoned in a secluded wooded field. Shot in multiple areas including her leg, arm, and face, she managed to muster the strength to seek refuge on the porch of a nearby residence. Here, she made a desperate call to 911, seeking help.

The subsequent police report revealed a chilling account: “The victim told police after buying lottery tickets at the gas station, she was walking to a friend’s home when she was abducted at gunpoint and pistol whipped then walked into the wooded area where she was shot 8 times but somehow survived.”

The accused, Jahzanda Williams, Twyman Williams, and Tyesha Breeding, allegedly believed the victim had taken money from them. Their retaliation was vicious, culminating in a kidnapping and near-fatal shooting. These individuals were identified and connected to the crime during a separate drug investigation in Johnson County. Their mugshots have been released to the public.

Lt. Foley pointed out the misconceptions many hold regarding crime investigations: “We see on TV that crimes are solved in an hour and that’s not the case in reality.” He emphasized the unwavering commitment of their team, stating, “Whether it takes 10 minutes or a year and a half, our detectives are going to work diligently to identify people responsible for violent crimes and put those people in jail.”

Currently, the three suspects face hefty bonds, ranging from $80,000 to $200,000. Their charges include attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping, aggravated battery, and more.

Sonja Hill

Thriving as an early riser, I find immense gratification in my role as a writer and reporter for daily news in Indianapolis. Embracing my Hoosier roots, I take immense pride in providing fellow residents of my beloved hometown with up-to-date information on the most recent developments and occurrences within the community. This vocation not only aligns with my personal passions but also allows me to serve the place I call home, fostering a profound sense of accomplishment.

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