Century-old cemetery uncovered during Indiana sewer construction project

Evansville, Indiana – In the course of a significant sewage construction project in the southwestern region of Indiana, archeologists made a startling discovery: the remains of approximately seventy individuals.

The location of the discovery was an erstwhile church in Evansville, now being repurposed to house a new storage system. As work progressed on the site, the team unexpectedly stumbled upon an unmarked burial ground dating back more than a hundred years.

At the time of reporting, out of the unearthed remains, sixty-three have been carefully relocated, leaving five yet to be moved. Given the extensive history of the area, cultural resource analysts indicated that the high number of graves was not necessarily surprising. Instead, what was unexpected was the fact that these remains had lain undisturbed despite nearly two centuries of construction activities and other environmental interferences.

While the existence of a cemetery in the vicinity was known to archeologists, its exact location remained a mystery due to a lack of distinctive markings. It appears that the passage of time had seen the erection of infrastructure such as roads and buildings over the cemetery, effectively concealing it beneath the surface until the recent discovery.

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