Man fatally struck by semi-truck on Interstate 465

Indianapolis, Indiana – In a tragic event on Interstate 465 last night, a man lost his life after being struck by a semi-truck. Reports state that the police were alerted about a man who was seen walking in traffic, dangerously close to Harding Street.

Upon arrival at the scene, the police discovered the man lying motionless in the roadway. Fortunately, the driver of the semi-truck acted responsibly and returned to the scene without any delay. He displayed full cooperation with the investigating officers. Importantly, there were no other injuries related to this incident.

ISP Sgt. John Perrine, while addressing the incident, said, “Interstates are dangerous to walk on, walk beside, or even try to cross.” The mystery of what the man was doing on such a high-risk roadway remains. Sgt. Perrine further added, “We’re not sure what this man was doing.”

To delve deeper into the incident, the Marion County Coroner’s Office was called to the scene to aid the police in the ongoing investigation. The motive or reason behind the man’s presence on the highway is yet to be determined. “Maybe we will find an abandoned vehicle that he was driving,” suggested Perrine. “Maybe by talking to his family, we can get a better idea [why he was on the highway].”

The incident is a grave reminder of the risks associated with walking or being on highways, and authorities urge the public to be cautious and avoid such perilous situations.

Sonja Hill

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