Kenco Logistics Services announces major layoff at Indy facility

Indianapolis, Indiana – Kenco Logistics Services, known for its expertise in third-party logistics, has announced a major decision impacting its workforce. The company’s facility, situated on Indy’s near west side, is set to undergo a closure that will unfortunately result in over 100 employees losing their jobs.

Located at 202 S. Belmont Avenue, this plant has been a part of the company’s operations for some time. However, in a recent turn of events, it has been confirmed that this facility will cease operations permanently. This decision marks a substantial change for Kenco Logistics Services and its employees.

The implications of this closure are far-reaching, with a total of 110 employees set to be affected. The news of the layoffs was made official through a WARN notice, which was publicly posted on the Indiana Department Department of Workforce Development’s website. This notice serves as a formal declaration of the upcoming changes and is a regulatory requirement to inform employees about significant employment changes.

In terms of timeline, the closure is not immediate. Employees have been notified that the facility will continue operations until March 19, giving them some time to prepare for the forthcoming changes. This information was communicated to all associates, ensuring that they are aware of the situation and can plan accordingly.

It’s important to note that the notice regarding these layoffs was filed last week, on January 19. This filing initiates the formal process of the closure and is a key part of the company’s strategy to manage this transition.

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