Investigation launched following suspected fireworks-related fire in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana – A comprehensive investigation is currently being conducted following a late-night apartment fire on Tuesday, which the Indianapolis Fire Department suspects may be linked to fireworks usage.

Emergency teams were dispatched to the scene on the 6700 block of Gateshead Lane, specifically the Summit at Keystone Apartments, located proximate to 65th Street and North Keystone Avenue, following reports of a dumpster fire.

Upon reaching the location, the responders discovered not only a dumpster ablaze but also several vehicles and a carport. The escalating severity of the fire, which started to extend to an adjacent apartment building’s exterior, necessitated the summoning of supplementary resources.

Firefighters successfully extinguished the fire at 11:44 p.m. Unfortunately, one firefighter incurred a minor injury in the process and received on-site treatment.

The destructive incident resulted in three cars and the carport being reduced to ruins, while another seven cars sustained damage.

As per the Department’s report, no residents in the apartment building were required to evacuate since the majority of the destruction was concentrated on the structure’s exterior. A total of ten cars were reported to have been impacted by the fire.

Eyewitnesses present during the incident informed the firefighters that several individuals were observed igniting fireworks in the vicinity of the dumpster and carport preceding the outbreak of the fire.

Sonja Hill

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