IndyHumane offers a dog’s day out for National Dog Day

Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indianapolis-based animal welfare organization, IndyHumane, is introducing a unique initiative in honor of National Dog Day.

On the 26th of August, locals of Indianapolis are encouraged to participate in the ‘Adventure Tails’ program, enabling them to accompany a shelter dog on a brief excursion ranging from one to five hours.

Potential activities during this outing can be as diverse as nature hikes, savoring an ice cream for dogs, indulging in the simple joy of belly rubs, or dining at a canine-friendly eatery.

Those joining will be furnished with a special t-shirt to mark the occasion, along with an Adventure Kit. This kit encompasses essentials like a water dish, waste disposal bags, dog treats, vehicle seat restraints, an “adopt me” collar, and pertinent details about the dog and the adoption process.

IndyHumane underscores the merits of ‘Adventure Tails’. Notably, it affords shelter dogs a much-needed respite, mitigating the shelter-associated stress. Moreover, it establishes an opportunity for participants to foster a deeper connection with these canines, regardless of whether they contemplate adoption or merely seek the company of a pet.

Donna Casamento, IndyHumane’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We want these dogs to have a fun adventure out of the shelter,” and expressed her utmost aspiration for the program: facilitating more adoptions so that these dogs might find their forever homes.

Given the exclusivity of the program, slots are finite and prior registration is imperative. Additional details can be accessed on

Sonja Hill

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