Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars program sees record enrollment

Indianapolis, Indiana – The office of Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education revealed on Wednesday that over 40,000 students have been seamlessly integrated into the 2027 cohort of the 21st Century Scholars program.

This figure, as stated in a communique from Gov. Holcomb‘s office, indicates a significant uptick from the 20,000 students in the preceding group. The esteemed 21st Century Scholarship extends comprehensive tuition and associated fee coverage at Indiana’s higher education institutions for students hailing from economically disadvantaged households.

Gov. Holcomb emphasized the profound impact of the scholarship, remarking, “Indiana’s workforce is anchored in expertise. The 21st Century Scholarship, over its three-decade legacy, has been pivotal in enhancing Hoosier readiness for college. Directly integrating qualifying students based on income into this transformative initiative augurs well for heightened academic accomplishments, community fortification, and a workforce primed for global challenges.”

This development follows the enactment of HEA 1449-2023 earlier this year. This legislation amplified the scholarship’s scope, streamlining the identification of eligible candidates and facilitating the automatic inclusion of those meeting financial criteria.

According to the Commission, each eighth-grade batch is anticipated to witness the addition of over 20,000 scholars. It’s crucial to note, however, that students integrated by default “must still fulfill ensuing conditions to secure the scholarship,” as stated in the disclosure.

State Rep. Earl Harris Jr. elucidated on the broader implications of the legislative move, asserting, “This act stands as a beacon of enhanced equity across the Hoosier student demographic, driving them towards advanced academic pursuits. The proactive enrollment into the 21st Century Scholars program not only uplifts individual scholars and their families but also reinforces the state’s progression towards a modernized, adept economy. Such legislative undertakings underline the remarkable outcomes achievable through collaborative governance, and I eagerly await the long-term positive ripple effects of this cross-party endeavor.”

Historical data from the program underscores its success, with over 50,000 students having procured a college degree through its auspices, as per the official announcement.

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