Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum relocates 300 vehicles ahead of $89 million renovation

Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum commenced an enormous task on Monday, Sept. 18th, relocating more than 300 historic vehicles in anticipation of its extensive renovations. This monumental endeavor involves moving vehicles that encompass over a century of motorsports history.

Given the intricate nature of these vehicles, the process is painstaking. Each car, previously kept in the museum’s basement, needs to be manually pushed outdoors, up a ramp, and loaded onto trucks. This is due to the preservation technique employed by the museum, where all fluids are drained from the vehicles. These priceless pieces of history will be kept at an external storage facility until their newly renovated space is prepared for their return.

The move is not just a day’s task. Museum curators anticipate it will span several days, given the meticulous care and labor required.

This relocation is part of the $89 million transformative plans for the IMS Museum. Announced in July, these plans promise an entirely reimagined space. Visitors can expect new galleries, an exciting racing simulator, and additional features for the cars that are currently being relocated.

For fans and history enthusiasts, it’s essential to note the museum’s closure in November. However, they can look forward to its grand reopening in April 2025, just in time for the 109th Indianapolis 500. The revamped museum promises a rich experience, preserving and showcasing the illustrious history of motorsports.

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