Devour Indy returns: A culinary journey welcomes food enthusiasts

Indianapolis, Indiana – Devour Indy, the highly-anticipated biannual dining event, has once again commenced in the city.

This edition witnesses participation from an array of dining establishments spread across central Indiana, totaling over 100. The event caters to diverse culinary preferences, encompassing offerings from steaks and sandwiches to salads and shrimp. This ensures a broad spectrum of choices tailored to satisfy varied gastronomic desires.

Richard Edwards, the General Manager of the renowned St. Elmo Steak House, has been an integral part of Devour Indy since its inception. Reflecting on the event’s two-decade journey, Edwards emphasized its fundamental objectives. “It is designed to bring people into restaurants. It is designed to give people an opportunity to try something they haven’t tried before and then with the marketing on it, guests may not even know the restaurant was on the map,” he stated. Furthermore, he elucidated the event’s role as a conduit for both introducing new dining experiences and revisiting perennial favorites.

For this occasion, St. Elmo Steak House is presenting a curated three-course meal, priced at $46. The meal comprises their signature shrimp cocktail, an option between soup or salad, and culminates with choices that include filet mignon, crab stuffed shrimp, or roasted chicken breast.

Devour Indy is scheduled to continue until Sunday, September 3. Enthusiasts of St. Elmo will be pleased to note that the steakhouse extends its Devour menu on a weekly basis, specifically every Sunday evening.

For a comprehensive list of participating restaurants and map, click here.

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