Authorities warn parents after unauthorized piercing parlor uncovered inside Indiana high school restroom

La Porte County, Indiana – An Indiana high school student was found to have set up an amateur piercing parlor within the confines of the school’s restroom. This revelation, which raises concerns over school safety and hygiene, was made by the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office last week.

According to the sheriff’s office, the school resource officers discovered and confiscated various body-piercing tools from the enterprising student. The student had reportedly turned the school bathroom into his makeshift piercing studio, conducting business during school hours.

This incident shines a spotlight on an ongoing challenge faced by school administrations. The sheriff’s office remarked, “SRO’s [school resource officers] have found that all too often the common denominator in these disruptions are restrooms located within the schools.” They emphasized that due to privacy considerations, it becomes increasingly tricky for both SROs and school administrators to monitor and ensure security in these restrooms.

In a broader context, school restrooms have emerged as hotspots for various unwanted activities. The authorities highlighted that apart from this unique piercing incident, school bathrooms often become the stage for fights, vaping, and even trending viral social media challenges.

Updating on the overall school environment since reopening, the agency observed, “Schools across La Porte County have been in session for at least one month now. For the most part, the agency’s School Resource Officers are reporting that students have settled back into their normal routines.” However, they also mentioned that just as things seem to be returning to normal, certain incidents, like this restroom piercing parlor, disrupt the daily academic environment.

As for the student entrepreneur behind this piercing endeavor, the sheriff’s office has remained tight-lipped. They have not disclosed if any legal action or school disciplinary measures were taken against him.

To prevent further such incidents, the sheriff’s office has made an appeal to parents, encouraging them to remind their children of the core purpose of school restrooms. They stressed that these facilities are meant for “normal bodily functions” and not for “settling a disagreement, vaping, piercings, or any other form of a harmful or dangerous social activity!”

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