Ashley’s TRIN Inc. plant faces shutdown; over 150 employees to be laid off

Ashley, Indiana – A Michigan-based automotive parts firm has announced its intention to shut down its plant in northeastern Indiana, leading to the unemployment of over 150 personnel.

TRAM Inc., headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, has indicated that its subsidiary, TRIN Inc., situated in Ashley, Indiana, will cease operations on March 31, 2024. This decision will result in the layoff of 155 staff members, encompassing both office employees and managerial positions, as reported by The (Auburn) Star.

The company’s official notice, sent under the provisions of the federal WARN Act to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, confirms that both the plant’s closure and the ensuing layoffs will be of a permanent nature. The process of layoffs is set to commence this November.

Interestingly, the notice also mentions that affected employees may have the chance to relocate their roles to “a related entity in Michigan.” It is essential to note that the workforce at the Ashley facility does not operate under union representation.

For context, TRIN Inc. functions as a Japanese-owned supplier of automotive parts, catering to an array of prominent automotive manufacturers such as Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Ford, and General Motors. The Ashley facility, approximately 30 miles north of Fort Wayne, specializes in the production of specific automotive switches, including those related to steering pads, power seats, and door locks.

It is worth highlighting that TRAM Inc. operates as an affiliate of Tokai Rika Co. LTD, which is based in Nagoya, Japan.

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